Middle managers – Africa’s unlikely heroes?

Middle management is not a topic that typically grabs headlines. Yet effective middle managers hold the key to Africa’s prosperity. African organisations across sectors and of different sizes cite a talent gap at the middle manager level. Traditional training models are failing to close this gap. Africa needs a fresh approach to help millions of … Continue reading Middle managers – Africa’s unlikely heroes?

People Management: How to create a great team!

People Management: Create a Great Team

Would you agree that teamwork is extremely important for the success of a company? In a team, people can work together and accomplish much more than they could by themselves. This concept of synergy is how many great companies achieve success and thrive.

Why is this important to build a great team?

 As a manager, it is your job to chart the company’s vision so that you can lead your team in the right direction as well as ensuring that your team understands the vision of the company, are fully engaged in it and are working effectively together in order to help you to realize that vision.

Without a strong and clear vision and lead from you, the manager, you will struggle to plan, engage and manage your team towards a shared future.


Here are the 8 critical steps to build a productive team: Continue reading “People Management: How to create a great team!”