KAPS Ltd sharpens Customer Focus through Learning Academy


Want to drive customer focus in your company? Start with your own people. KAPS Ltd is using an innovative blended learning programme to train 200 people as part of a company-wide turnaround to drive customer-centricity.

The Kenya Airports Parking Services (KAPS) has dominated its market for years. But with increased competition from new market entrants, it is under pressure to improve customer service. It wasn’t enough to train frontline staff in standard customer service techniques. KAPS wanted to build a company-wide culture of accountability and customer-focus, starting from the MD at the top, to the lowliest car-park cashier. But how could it train 200 people while sticking to a reasonable training budget? And how would they know if the training made any difference anyway?

AMI has been working with KAPS to design a blended learning programme for the entire company that combines engaging online content with interactive workshops and ongoing application on the job, all backed up by regular data and reports. Instead of attending a one-off workshop, each KAPS employee joins a year-long programme as part of the KAPS academy that helps them learn core principles, apply them on the job, and seek feedback from their boss and peers on how they are performing. Employees can learn anywhere, anytime, even on a mobile phone, and they are encouraged to immediately practice what they learn in their daily work. The system generates regular reports so that KAPS managers can see if staff are actually applying what they learn, and impacting the company. Continue reading “KAPS Ltd sharpens Customer Focus through Learning Academy”

AMI trains 200 KAPS employees on customer service

Kenya Airports Parking Services (KAPS) has partnered with the African Management Initiative (AMI) to train over 200 managers and parking attendants in a KES 3 million project to help maintain its market leadership amid rising customer service expectations. KAPS, East Africa’s premier parking services provider, has partnered with AMI to train employees in topics such … Continue reading AMI trains 200 KAPS employees on customer service