AMI is Hiring: General Manager East Africa

About AMI 

AMI is an entrepreneurial African social business that is pioneering a scalable approach to developing Africa’s management and business skills. We work with organizations to drive performance and empower their people through practical and accessible learning and coaching tools, delivered on web, mobile and in person.

AMI combines cutting-edge technology, world-class content, offline workshops and an innovative peer accountability process, helping groups of managers, professionals and entrepreneurs apply what they learn on the job to build their organisations. AMI is expanding rapidly. We have successfully raised impact investment, generated international press coverage with CNN, Euronews and the Financial Times among others, and already reached over 10,000 individuals in over 25 countries. We are looking for an exceptional entrepreneurial leader to help us move to the next level of scale as we target organisations in Kenya and the rest of East Africa. The General Manager East Africa will leading AMI’s operations on the ground in East Africa and play a key role in driving business development. The position is based at AMI’s head office in Nairobi.

This is a chance for an outstanding entrepreneurial leader to be part of Africa’s transformation, and to help shape, build and scale one of the continent’s most innovative social impact businesses.  Continue reading “AMI is Hiring: General Manager East Africa”

Seven Steps to grow an Effective Network

Influencing others

Successful people have great networks. Networking is one of the key differentiators between the most successful leaders and the rest of us.

In fact, as we grow in our careers, networking becomes more and more important.  This is because as we climb the corporate ladder, we become more and more dependent on others to achieve our goals.  So networking is not only important for outward success, as some cynics might suggest, but has been shown to correlate with effectiveness on the job as well.  One reason for this is that professionals with active networks know whom to call on when they have a challenge they need help with.

When we think of networking today we think of electronic media, and this has become the most effective way of staying in touch.  Particularly important are professional networks like LinkedIn and the African Management Initiative, but general social media like Facebook and Twitter are also important.

Of course the deepest networks arise from personal contact.  People in our network need to meet us to keep the “chemistry” at work.

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Launchpad: Success@Work in 21st Century Africa Programme


Are you struggling to get a good job? Do you want to stand out from the crowd? Are you looking to get a foot on the career ladder?

The African Management Initiative is offering a short online business and management programme to help young people navigate the job market and develop skills they need in the work place. 

Key topics that Launchpad covers are:

  • Setting goals for success
  • Personal Productivity
  • Influencing Others
  • Self-management: stress, work-life balance & integrity
  • Communication skills
  • CV writing, Interview preparation & Building ‘Brand Me’

Lecturers: Buyani Zwane & Jonathan Cook, Gordon Institute of Business Science, University of Pretoria, South Africa

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Wanted: Freelance Facilitators


AMI is expanding rapidly. We are looking to build our pool of freelance facilitators who will deliver our world-class online content in a blended-learning workshop environment to clients in companies and organisations.

Successful candidates will undertake rigorous AMI training to become an accredited AMI facilitator. They will then operate on a freelance basis, and will be engaged for specific assignments based on the needs of AMI’s business clients, and their own availability. There may be scope for more formal engagement for the right candidates.

Facilitators will join a dynamic, international team focused obsessively on results. We work hard, innovate constantly and have fun in the process. This is a chance for someone with a passion for learning, people development, technology and business growth to be part of Africa’s transformation.

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Talent spotlight

Are you struggling to find great people? A recent study conducted by EY survey on talent trends in Sub Sahara found that 70% of African firms are recruiting, yet many report that they are taking longer to fill vacancies. They are also experiencing higher staff turnover. Click here for the survey

We hear about the ‘Talent’ problem regularly from our business clients. So we decided to pilot a new service, that aims to leverage AMI’s database of skilled and talented individuals, to help our business clients find great people.

AMI Talent will provide business clients with pre-qualified shortlists of candidates for job vacancies in middle management or entry level positions, against criteria determined by the company. We will provide a rich dataset on the candidates experience, qualifications, and critically, their performance on our courses and against our peer-reviewed competency analysis questionnaires. You’ll find great people in 4 easy steps:

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People Management: How to create a great team!

People Management: Create a Great Team

Would you agree that teamwork is extremely important for the success of a company? In a team, people can work together and accomplish much more than they could by themselves. This concept of synergy is how many great companies achieve success and thrive.

Why is this important to build a great team?

 As a manager, it is your job to chart the company’s vision so that you can lead your team in the right direction as well as ensuring that your team understands the vision of the company, are fully engaged in it and are working effectively together in order to help you to realize that vision.

Without a strong and clear vision and lead from you, the manager, you will struggle to plan, engage and manage your team towards a shared future.


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KAPS Ltd sharpens Customer Focus through Learning Academy


Want to drive customer focus in your company? Start with your own people. KAPS Ltd is using an innovative blended learning programme to train 200 people as part of a company-wide turnaround to drive customer-centricity.

The Kenya Airports Parking Services (KAPS) has dominated its market for years. But with increased competition from new market entrants, it is under pressure to improve customer service. It wasn’t enough to train frontline staff in standard customer service techniques. KAPS wanted to build a company-wide culture of accountability and customer-focus, starting from the MD at the top, to the lowliest car-park cashier. But how could it train 200 people while sticking to a reasonable training budget? And how would they know if the training made any difference anyway?

AMI has been working with KAPS to design a blended learning programme for the entire company that combines engaging online content with interactive workshops and ongoing application on the job, all backed up by regular data and reports. Instead of attending a one-off workshop, each KAPS employee joins a year-long programme as part of the KAPS academy that helps them learn core principles, apply them on the job, and seek feedback from their boss and peers on how they are performing. Employees can learn anywhere, anytime, even on a mobile phone, and they are encouraged to immediately practice what they learn in their daily work. The system generates regular reports so that KAPS managers can see if staff are actually applying what they learn, and impacting the company. Continue reading “KAPS Ltd sharpens Customer Focus through Learning Academy”