AHL Venture Partners Release Annual Report featuring AMI

Impact investors are starting to realize that businesses need to support with human capital as much – if not more – than financial capital. AHL Ventures, AMI’s lead investor, has been a pioneer in this space, supporting AMI’s vision for practical and affordable management education since our early start-up days. Check out AHL’s write up … Continue reading AHL Venture Partners Release Annual Report featuring AMI

Why human capital may matter more than money, and what investors can do about it

More than $15 billion a year is flowing into impact investment, fueled by a growing appreciation for the ways business and market-based mechanisms can drive positive change in the world. But investors are starting to realise that money is not enough for impact businesses to succeed; they desperately need an answer to their human capital challenges to unlock their world-changing potential. Our … Continue reading Why human capital may matter more than money, and what investors can do about it

Middle managers – Africa’s unlikely heroes?

Middle management is not a topic that typically grabs headlines. Yet effective middle managers hold the key to Africa’s prosperity. African organisations across sectors and of different sizes cite a talent gap at the middle manager level. Traditional training models are failing to close this gap. Africa needs a fresh approach to help millions of … Continue reading Middle managers – Africa’s unlikely heroes?

Blended Learning Outlook in Kenya

Kenya is one of the fastest growing economies in Africa due to the accelerated infrastructure investment and the emergence of a large middle class.  However, there are concerns about the current lack of talent development in management training, employability and entrepreneurial skill to sustain the growth. While most Kenyan companies consider training and development to … Continue reading Blended Learning Outlook in Kenya

The Human Capital crisis – how social enterprises can solve their talent problem

Entrepreneurs tend to cite funding availability as the ‘make or break’ for business success. But a recent report by private foundation RippleWorks found that while funding matters, talent is one of the biggest constraint for entrepreneurs. And critically, finding and developing skilled people is the only challenge that gets tougher as a company expands. The … Continue reading The Human Capital crisis – how social enterprises can solve their talent problem

First Step on an Incredible Journey

“It wasn’t what I expected – I have to admit that I wasn’t looking forward to wasting another day in training, but what we did was incredibly helpful” – Area Manager, Pie City Johannesburg.

Pic - Pie CityPie City, a large food retailer in South Africa, recently embarked on a journey to transform the management of their stores nation-wide.  They were looking for a practical solution which would equip their team with the tools they need to manage their store network more effectively.  AMI worked with them to design a 3-month programme, a combination of in-person workshops (‘Learning Labs’) and online courses, to focus on the key management skills they identified as critical to their success. Continue reading “First Step on an Incredible Journey”

AMI’s Impact

AMI is pioneering a new approach to skills development – one that actually works. Over 97 percent of AMI users apply what they learn at work, and 86% report improved effectiveness, according to our recent impact survey.

The December 2015 Impact Survey collected data from the 1,500+ managers, entrepreneurs and professionals who have participated in AMI’s structured blended-learning programmes, as well as the larger group of over 10,000 who have taken our courses. Among the former group, 72% reported an improvement in key management skills after engaging with AMI and 85% of entrepreneurs reported an improvement in operating efficiency. 67% said AMI was either much more (35%) or more (32%) helpful than any other training provider they had experienced, while 15% said this was the first time they had accessed formal business training or education. Read the full report below or Click here to download the AMI Impact survey 2015. . Continue reading “AMI’s Impact”