EthioChicken’s strategy to expand their business sustainably!

EthioChicken is expanding rapidly and saw the need to empower their managers with the relevant skills and knowledge in order to sustain the high growth the company is experiencing. EthioChicken was originally founded in 2010 as Mekelle Farms and took over an underperforming poultry production center in the Tigray region of northern Ethiopia, increasing production … Continue reading EthioChicken’s strategy to expand their business sustainably!


Mr. Jonathan Cook – Chairman at African Management Initiative was a keynote speaker at the Institute of Human Resource Management, (IHRM) monthly forum held on 22nd September 2016. Over 300 HR practitioners attended the event at Nairobi Safari Club. The main topic of discussion was based on the Training Talent Report we launched in partnership with IHRM … Continue reading IHRM- AMI Event

Partner News!


WANTED: East Africa’s Most Unreasonable Entrepreneur

Are you convinced that you have the entrepreneurial spirit and drive to improve the lives of millions of people in the region?

Accelerate your venture with customised training and support from over 50 seasoned mentors, ranging from a founder of 10 companies of which 3 have IPO’d for USD 1 billion each to an entrepreneur who has started a company that has lifted over 700,000 people out of poverty to a senior advisor to the World Bank, also founder of 4 companies with 20 years experience in the specialty food industry. In the process, build relationships with dozens of investors, funders and angels while living under the same roof with 14 other entrepreneurs dedicated to solving East Africa’s greatest challenges. Continue reading “Partner News!”