AMI is hiring: Learning and Talent Manager

AMI is expanding rapidly. We have successfully raised investment, established offices in Nairobi and Johannesburg, engaged clients in East, West and Southern Africa, and in the process reached over 25,000 individuals in over 25 countries in Africa. AMI is now looking for a Learning & Talent Manager to play three critical roles at AMI:

− Develop and manage AMI’s internal talent strategy, from sourcing great people to helping them learn and grow

− Lead expansion, training and accreditation of our freelance facilitator network across Africa

− Work with Chief Learning Officer on programme scope and design to ensure our clients get a high impact experience every single time

The Talent and Learning Manager will be based at AMI’s office in Nairobi and will work with AMI’s senior leadership team in Kenya and globally with teams in Nairobi, Johannesburg and Lagos. S/he should have extensive experience in adult learning/training and facilitation, a solid understanding of how business works, and experience working with Talent/HR processes.

This is a chance for someone with a passion for learning, technology and business growth to be part of Africa’s transformation.

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Management Foundations Programme: Empower your People

To meet the growing need of management training, AMI has designed a  3-4 month programme for team leaders to middle-level managers to learn how to effectively manage and empower their teams. Why Enrol in this Programme?  Team leaders and middle-level managers are the engine of organisational growth. But they often struggle with the basics of communication, … Continue reading Management Foundations Programme: Empower your People