AMI and EDC-Lagos launch online training component of BOI’s Youth Entrepreneurship Programme

14 thoughts on “AMI and EDC-Lagos launch online training component of BOI’s Youth Entrepreneurship Programme”

  1. the AMI online course has been of practical eye opener. To me personally, I want to say that I am not the only one that have being empowered . By the time my business is on its feet, a whole of my community will be empowered directly and indirectly. To this I say kudos to the YES Programme, kudos to AMI .Please, keep on the good work.


  2. Kudos to AMI and BOI/YESP for putting this together. I have learnt amazing things since I started the online courses in June. New courses comes with new tasks and challenges that must be completed. I have been equipped to manage my business successfully and am grateful. Long live AMI! Long live BOI!! Long live YES-P!!!

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  3. So true.I have been greatly impacted by the program.The wealth of knowledge and practicality of the program made me see where I have made mistakes in the past in my business


  4. Honestly, it has been a an interesting exercise as l have learnt a lot this past six weeks. l appreciate the Federal Govt of Nigeria, The BOI Nigeria, The EDC-Lagos and especially The African Management Initiative for these well packaged powerful lessons. l am already thinking and behaving and applying all the entrepreneurial skills that l have learnt/acquired so far. l so much appreciate all that make this possible. Regards.


  5. Indeed i am impressed and enlightened by this programme and opportunity. This initiative is empowering and is already equiping me with essential tools an effective entraprenuership development and management.


  6. Indeed am more empowered and energized with full potentials by this AMI’s management courses am undergoing. I am really privileged to be among the trainee.


  7. The AMI program has been the most educative entrepreneurial program I have ever participated in. It’s just inexplicably awesome. Thank to the AMI team


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